rygel — a collection of DLNA/UPnP AV services


rygel [ options ]


The program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below.

-h , --help

Show summary of options.


Show all help options.


Show GStreamer related help options.


Show version of program.

-n , --network-interface=INTERFACE

Set the network interfaces rygel listens on. Can be used multiple times for to configure multiple interfaces. INTERFACE can be an IP, a device name or an ESSID (Linux only).

-p , --port=PORT

Set the listen-port.

-t , --disable-transcoding

Disable any transcoding.

-U , --disallow-upload

Disable uploading of media files via UPnP.

-D , --disallow-deletion

UPnP clients are not allowed to delete media files on the server.

-g , --log-level=LEVEL

Comma-separated list of DOMAIN:LEVEL pairs, allowing to set the log level individually for each domain, where DOMAIN is eiher "*", "rygel" or the name of a plugin. Allowed log levels are 1=critical, 2=error, 3=warning, 4=message/info, 5=debug.

-u , --plugin-path=PATH

Set the plugin search path.

-d , --disable-plugin=PLUGIN_NAME

Disable the plugin PLUGIN_NAME.

-i , --title=PLUGIN_NAME:TITLE

Set the title of plugin PLUGIN_NAME to TITLE You can use this option more than once for every plugin you want to set the name of.

-o , --plugin-option=PLUGIN_NAME: OPTION:VALUE1[,VALUE2,…]

Set options for a plugin.

-P , --disable-upnp

Disable advertisement via UPnP and set rygel into streaming-only mode.

-c --config=CONFIG_FILE

Use CONFIG_FILE instead of ${XDG_CONFIG_DIR}/rygel.conf.